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Broo she be passing the vibe check XD

It has everything to do with sound. My GOD.

i figured out the trick, just look at the color the card poofs away and put that color but its not worth i

sign,why can't i fuck her...


Hey Cleeze,I wonder if you have the sprites of professor robin both clothed and naked including the animated dance version and the background of the game ,Because I took the screenshots from the sexy psychic power test game ,combined the screenshots into a full body picture and edited the figures both clothed and nude from the background




Actually, I used Unity's skeletal animation system to animate Professor Robin, so there's no separate dancing sprite.  What are you trying to do?

Just to know if you officially have the full body pictures of both professor robin from Sexy Psychic Power Test clothed,lingerie  and naked so we can see it and maybe if you have a clip of professor robin dancing naked even though you said it's  a Unity's skeletal animation ,that's all, and also What do you think of my full body photoshop edit of  professor robin both clothed and naked ?

Ah I see. Right now the only way I could get a clip of her dancing would be to capture it off the game, like anyone else. The project was from a while back, and I don't have access to the game files at the moment. I'm impressed with how you pieced together Professor Robin's sprites like that. They look good! I guess you're an artist?

Thanks, Though I hope that someday you will find a way to access the games  files of Sexy Psychic Power Test so we can see  the officially non edit full body artwork of professor robin both clothed,lingerie and naked in either your blog ,twitter patreon or all of them.Oh, and one more thing I already made an second  edit of the full body picture of professor robin both clothed and naked 

Clothed -



Anyway Let me hope you can have time to access the game files of  Sexy Psychic Power Test powers someday or maybe soon so we can see the official  non edit full body artwork of professor robin both clothed,lingerie and naked 

Thanks, I appreciate  it, and  I'll remember to share her full body views when I can.  Nice work on the edits!


dance is terrifying tbh o_0 at least this ain't timing-based, so you can "play" it on chrome
isn't esp more cold reading? could have had a tiny hint system or something, with her having, like, tells. would have prepared us for the janky movements at least 'XD

This dance really reminds me of Rock of Ages.


The dance is fricken hilarious



tbh... the end reward aint worth the trouble...

word of advice, check on another website and on the comment section you'll find a wise man... and thats how i get 10/10 after nearly lost my sanity

The Green Tissue Box does absolutely nothing.

i made an account just to let you know that end bit really got me. but my senior brother went back to sleep

it involves physics of one of her cards

the secrets Easter egg my god I won’t spoil but your in for a treat let me say 

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perfect in my first time 

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I found an easter egg, if you find it you get every answer correct regardless if how you answer, I wont give it away though

 I got 10/10 first try by guessing


Why is she blinking out F in Morse Code? 



Giving up for now. Will come back when I feel like I can do better.

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@cleeshhaze; Good work. I love the tricky things you can do besides testing. I’ll figure it out someday, I just hope I will still be able to play the game, and be atracted to it.

OK, getting a little better, best was 5/10. I think the bee has some sigificance, but I don’t know what, and there’s another hint if you watch the screen carefully enough, I saw it too late.


So far, I’ve gotten ZERO right. I think I was there right after they had given away all the free powers, and I’m NOT going to pay $999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999.99 to get them.


None of this makes sense.

I figured out there are certain specific patterns of sounds she makes for the mouth card and the butt card. But that's as far as I got.

Sometimes, the penis card is right after the butt card.

Yes, there are certain objects you can interact with. But I have no idea what help they're supposed to give.

I give up. I play nsfw games to relieve my frustration. Not increase it. The game is probably clever but from a purely sexual gratification point of view, this game is not for me.


I can't figure out, there is no visual cues whatsoever it seems


Well a good game but how the hell do you do this


wth are people talking about when they say "there are hints" and what's this about a skeleton???


Got 10/10. I figured out 8 hints and guessed the first 2 correctly. Now I know 9 of the hints, and I don't think there's a 10th one (hence saying you need a little luck). For those of you trying for 10/10, don't. It's not worth it.


hey I’m really stumped rn, can you drop some hints?


Giving the answers outright seems against the spirit of the thing, but I did spend more than a couple of hours figuring it all out, so I'll try to give something so others can avoid the same fate.

When Robin asks if you're listening, that's not just idle chatter. Everything that makes a sound is related to a hint in someway, and the sound itself is a hint for one of them.

Some hints will tell you what the card being held is, others will tell you of cards coming up. It'll be trial and error to figure out which is which.

The flower actually has two hints associated with it, be observant and try new things.

I believe there are only 9 hints, you'll have to guess one (though again, the 10/10 isn't great). If you're determined to completely clear it, I recommend figuring out the 9 clues, then guessing the first and resetting until you get it right.

Hopefully the dev doesn't get upset I'm helping out, but as in the game itself, sometimes cooperation is key ;)


what were all the hints

I got 9 out of 10!! I couldn't work out the skele, and got lucky on one other. (couldn't find the hint) very well hidden game :)

sorry 5 out of 10

i found out 4 of the 10


how do u find out the card


Certainly different then your last game, that's for sure! I only gave it one try so far, so I'll just comment on that experience. The artwork is pretty nice, I will say, and the little animated effects of the stripping is nice! The dialogue 'sound' also amuses me.

Personally though, I so far find this one less enjoyable then the last, but to be fair to you, the last one really did hit a pretty specific fetish that is sorely lacking. At first with the premise, I was thinking this might be a like uh, Magic Matchup or something like? The one with a professor girl you played against and she would strip, the only difference being failure meant the player stripped instead. A bit disappointed the player doesn't have any stripping going on, but I understand its probably not that kind of game!

I'll certainly give it another try (or more!) I think since I figure there is a secret to figure out the card... but I personally think the previous game was more enjoyable.


Thank you very much for the feedback! These comments help me learn a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed Mega Victory, and I'm definitely hoping to make more like that in the future! :) This year, I'm mainly experimenting  explore making a bunch of different types of lewd games, so  I can learn new techniques and try out different art styles. as well as fetishes. The next one will be very different from this one as well, and I hope you will find it more enjoyable than this one.

ok so as i figure there are 10 things that hint to the card but i can't figure out the triggers to some of them


fun game, just takes too much work to find all of the hidden things to figure out what card it is, with the intro having to play everytime. So far all I found was 3 different interactions to gurantee a card right. Still have no clue what the skeleton does. 6/10, good game too much work for tits and whatever else is at the end.

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Thanks a lot for the review! I take feedback to heart for my next projects and I completely accept that this one can be quite a process that can take away from the fun  -_-. The interactions range from somewhat obvious, to perhaps needing some actual psychic intuition to figure out, and I struggled with that for a while before I decided this is a psychic power test after all (for better or worse). 

Not that I expect you to still be interested in the skeleton, but yes it can be moved by finding  the right key. Thank you again!


how do u even tell what is coming next


Thank you for asking! That is the real puzzle of the game, so I won't reveal it just yet.

oh! got it, well i'm going to crack it! wish me luck!

I wish you the best!

Love it, keep up the good work.

Thank you!